The cost of planning a wedding can become expensive quite quickly. There is so much to do and so many different things to incorporate into your wedding. One of these things is looking at wedding DJs to hire.

Finding the right wedding DJ might take some time because you only want to hire the best. However, you’re worried that the cost of a wedding DJ might be too much for your budget. Although you might feel like the cost of a wedding DJ is overpriced, there’s a breakdown that explains the cost. 

Once you understand why wedding DJs cost what they do, you can then begin to understand the value of good entertainment for your big day. Here’s what you need to know. 

The Breakdown

Do keep in mind that all DJing companies are different. Breakdowns for each company might vary, so there’s no exact percentage that we could give that would explain the cost of wedding DJs across the board. However, this breakdown explains the categories of how your money is spent when hiring a wedding DJ.

Wedding Professionals 

You might have noticed that wedding Djs cost more than DJs for other kinds of events. There is a reason behind this. When you hire a Dj for your wedding, you’re essentially hiring a wedding professional. 

Your wedding DJ experienced must be customized to suit your needs. This requires meeting up with the DJ before the big day and planning out specific details. Pre-production takes hours and you want someone with wedding experience. 

Also, keep in mind that taxes and workers’ compensation insurance is added in as well. 

Wedding Equipment 

The equipment needed for a wedding DJ is another expense that’s calculated into the overall cost. A basic wedding DJ setup can cost several thousand dollars. If a wedding changes locations from the ceremony to the reception, this requires extra equipment to make the transition, which also raises the cost. 


It cost money to market and advertise a company. The expenses spent on marketing needs are brought back to the company by adding it to the overall amount you pay. Without proper marketing techniques, you might not have been able to find that perfect DJing company you were looking for. 

Travel and Music 

It costs to have the type of music that you want. Unfortunately, no matter how long a company has been in business, there’s always new music to be purchased. Everyone has a different taste in music and wants something unique for their wedding. 

You also have to consider travel expenses as well. Depending on how far the company needs to travel to your wedding, the costs of travel will vary. 

Miscellaneous Costs

With everything else taken into consideration, the last aspect that affects the cost of your wedding DJ is all of the other miscellaneous items. This could range from the software needed to submit music requests and such to the cloud-based services used by the company. 

Once all of these costs are accounted for, the company will need to make a profit to stay in business. With all of this added together, you have the cost of a wedding DJ!

Hire Wedding DJs for Your Wedding!

Now that you understand the breakdown of the cost of wedding DJs, you might feel more comfortable spending the money on hiring a great one! 

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